Christina K.

Céline treated me because of the pain in my sacrum. I’d always had a piercing pain in my sacrum when I moved in a certain way. Céline got me going on the treatment and, my God, was it relaxing! Even after the treatment I was still feeling well-balanced and serene for a long time and the pain gradually went away. With her gentle nature and high level of empathy and expertise, Céline was able to help me very well with my problem.

Rudolf C.

I am active and enjoy doing several kinds of sports, among others, bike riding, tennis and swimming.  Lately, swimming has become painful due to a nagging problem I had picked up in my left shoulder joint from an injury sustained long ago.  After only a short HNC session with Céline, I found my left arm moving much more freely than before, and the sting that I had experienced during swimming was gone!  It’s amazing.  I will certainly come back for more HNC treatment.  Thank you Céline.

Nadine K.

I’ve suffered migraines for most of my life and all the things doctors tell you - they just don’t really make it better. It is rediculous, godawful actually, to think how many things I’ve tried, how much time I’ve wasted, what money and misery went into that. And then this woman works on me, gently touches me is really all she’s doing. Doesn’t ask questions, doesn’t want to change my life, my diet, my what-not. And slowly my migraines turn into headaches. And slowly my frequent headaches turn into rare headaches. And then so much time goes by and suddenly I realize I can’t pinpoint when my last headache was. It makes me cry. I just don’t understand it. I’d rather not think about it actually. It’s just so weird that the part of me that suffered migraines is left in the past.

Astrid E.

The HNC treatment with Céline is deeply relaxing every time. I always have the need to lie down and sleep after the treatment because I feel everything is realigned anew. It does so much good in my body.

Reinhard S.

Thank you very much for the treatment of my spine. I was so tired afterwards and had to sleep first. The back pain is gone for good. I’m so relieved to be free from it. Thank you. What a great success.

Nicole R.

I’m an open-minded skeptic who’s been dealing with hip joint pain for years as a result of rigorous gymnastics training along with stunt performing. After one HNC treatment session with Céline my hip stopped doing its usual popping and the pain dissipated. When I think about how simple the fix was it makes me laugh. She has a very gentle touch, soft voice and a deep presence which is comforting, especially when you’re trying something new. I highly recommend Céline’s HNC treatment. It’s a non-invasive, relaxing and unique way of realigning your body.

Sebastian C.

Céline was extremely cordial and professional. She proceeded to work on different parts of my body, specially one of my legs which I had pain. It was so refreshing to have a therapist who actually cares about the client. She worked diligently to alleviate as much stress and pain as possible. The results were phenomenal. Looking forward to my next visit.

Rody P.

I tripped over our cat in the dark, fell down the stairs and broke my ancle. The recovery after the surgery was very painful. Even after months when I should have already been able to move normally my motion was still restricted. It was painful when I put my weight on it. I felt like something was pinched in my ancle. The doctor said everything was normal but it wasn’t and I knew it. Apart from the physical trauma I also felt fearful when going down the stairs and there are so many stairs in our house. It was just not working. Every time I thought of the fall I felt like my gut was pierced; that’s how painful the memory was.

Céline has worked on me a lot, my ancle in particular but also my entire alignment, and on the trauma of falling down the stairs. I can move around again with ease and have my full range of motion back. Just like it was before the fall. I pretty much expected the ancle to get better - and I’m very grateful that it did - but what surprised me most was that I don't have any emotional reaction to the memory anymore. It’s so freeing. I want to work on all my past traumas with her with time. But I’m celebrating this victory first!