Céline Eckwright And HNC

I was born in Germany and moved to New York City when I was 20 years old where I studied acting. Throughout the years I worked as a language coach, which turned out to be a rewarding and joyous exchange with people all over the world. However my lack in acting success and love made me feel depleted and frustrated with life. One fine day in my search for change I stumbled upon an HNC therapist through a friend’s recommendation. After the first two hours of HNC treatment, so after two days, I felt very different. It was hard to put my finger on it but something significant had changed. I wasn’t the same person anymore. My then gloomy outlook on life had given room to a vacuum, a newfound space that was brighter, quitely foreboding opportunity and change. It was then and there that the seed had been set.


“When a technique is able to change someone’s well-being so gently and quickly," I thought, "it would be downright ludicrous not to explore it further!”


And as I always love to learn I simply enrolled in the next HNC beginner’s course - not knowing whether I’d ever use it for anything. After taking the first course, which felt to me like I had been initiated into secrets handed down by the ancient Egyptians, there was just no other meaningful choice than to continue my HNC education. I briefly flew back to Los Angeles, in order to give up my apartment and get things in order, then, upon returning to Germany, enrolled in every HNC course I could and started learning under the direct guidance of Clemens Künstner, the amazing individual, who founded HNC and made it into what it is today. After seven and a half months in Germany I am now back in Los Angeles and working as America’s first and only HNC therapist.